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Linville Architects has been creating client-responsive architecture for over 20 years with a talented, team-based staff. The goal of the firm is to bring continued value and energy to individuals, families and communities.

At the outset of the creative process we start with a client's portfolio of goals, ideas and images and begin a dialogue. Our job is to weave a cohesive design from the threads that are brought to the table. We are not formula architects; we focus on listening. The residential homes we create are building forms that are, in essence, natural; that reflect a client's need for comfort, serenity and beauty; obtaining maximum value for our client's resources. Commercially, we strive for spaces that are visually and physically tactile, energetic, stimulating, often with a sense of fun or drama, always with respect for the fabric of the community. Pushing the Realm of Possibility.

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Ed Linville
Ed Linville

For thirty years Ed has been creating client responsive architecture and practicing the various disciplines within it's…

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The difference between a Designer and Developer when it comes to design skills, is the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it

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